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In both business residential properties, bees may be a nuisance and wreak havoc. It’s not difficult to spot a swarm of bees around your location. However, the stings of these adorable-looking honey bees and hornets can be lethal or produce a severe allergic reaction.

The significance of honey bees and nature is well understood by Same Day Pest Control London. As a result, we’ve developed successful strategies for eliminating bees without killing them. Our method is effective and does not injure the bees in any way. Reach out to us immediately for an excellent bees control London service!

Our Approach to Bees Control London

You can rely on Same Day Pest Control London since we take all required precautions to ensure the residents’ safety. Our professionals can take care of all types of bees and hives, whether they are on a commercial or residential site.

We use tailored methods for removing and relocating beehives for successful bee management. Our beekeepers shift the hive to an ideal place with care, protecting the neighborhood from bee infestation.

Our bees control London doesn’t stop with the relocation of the beehive; we also make sure the bees don’t build their homes in the same spot again.

The removal and transportation of bees to a safe area is a top priority for our bee management service. However, if the bees become more aggressive, we may use fog treatment, since it is the only safe option. Fumigation is required to ensure the residents’ safety.

The greatest time to get rid of bees is in the middle of the night. The swarm of bees becomes less busy in the evening and is safe for our experts. When it comes to eradicating bees from a residential property, we only utilize safe, herbal, and eco-friendly solutions.

For effective bee control London, call the best pest controller in the city. Our beekeepers are knowledgeable, talented, and qualified following industry standards. Our staff is capable of providing bee removal services in a timely and professional manner.

So, contact Same Day Pest Control London now!

Effective Tips for Keeping Bees Away

  • Bee infestations can be avoided simply by keeping the house clean inside and out. Simply keeping rubbish bins clean, vacuuming every corner of the house from inside and outside, and disinfecting dustpans can help keep bees and other pests at bay.
  • When a pest infestation is in its early stages, another useful option is to apply glue. The adhesive quickly captures eggs and bees, which can then be disposed of.
  • Using hot water to get rid of bees is also an excellent method. Pour the bee-infested area with water that is warmer than 60 degrees Celsius. Ensure the water is discharged quickly, as a slow-release will not provide the desired outcomes. Instead, the bees will migrate to another neighboring region.
  • The cold cloth approach is often employed for mild bee infestations. Simply freeze a towel for over 1o to 12 hours and place it near the beehives.
  • Non-toxic pesticides such as peppermint or cryolite are also recommended for bee control at home.
  • Chemical treatment might be employed if the bee infestation gets intense. After having the area inspected by Same Day Pest Control London, be sure to apply dust and sprays.

Self-handling of bee infestations is risky, as even a slight error might result in a bee outbreak in the area. As a result, rather than killing bees, you should focus on preventing them.

Rely on Same Day Pest Control London for skilled services, as we deal with all types of bee issues and safely relocate them. Call us to book our services for bees control London, or speak with one of our professionals to find an appropriate solution.

Why Choose Same Day Pest Control London?

Same Day Pest Control London has always been the first option of locals due to our decades of experience in offering excellent bee control services. We are capable of dealing with any type of deadly bug. There are several other reasons why you should choose us, including:

  • Our hassle-free bee control services are provided by skilled and trained professional specialists promptly.
  • Pest Control employs only experienced and certified workers. We make certain that our professionals are attentive when relocating bees and that the residents are kept secure.
  • Get bee removal London at a reasonable price.
  • Instead of injuring bees, we encourage their relocation and safe removal, as bees serve a vital role in the ecology.

If your neighborhood has just been invaded by bees and there are numerous beehives scattered throughout. Please do not hesitate to contact Same Day Pest Control London if you require effective bee control services. Connect with our executive and get your query resolved. Call us at (+44) 11 5647 7011 to make a quick booking!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cure bee stings at home?

Yes. A bee sting can be very painful and leaves your skin swollen. However, most bees aren’t dangerous. For curing bee sting just apply some ointment and let it heal.

2. Are DIY tricks effective in removing beehives?

No. You should avoid risking your life in an attempt of saving a few bucks. Removing beehives without protective gear isn’t ideal. Rely on Same Day Pest Control London for professional assistance.

3. What attracts bees?

Bees normally build their colonies near a water supply. They require water to regulate their body temperature. Additionally, they get attracted to fruit trees around your house. As a result, a beehive may be found on the damp walls that are closer to their food source.

4. How expensive is professional service for bees control London?

Our services at Same Day Pest Control London are available at the most affordable prices. Our experts inspect your property and provide an estimate upfront. Feel free in contacting us for more information.

5. Do you offer same day services for bees control London?

Yes. Our team remains on standby for serving our customers in need. We arrive at your location within an hour when you book our emergency services. Call us now to know more!

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