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In comparison to bugs that wreak havoc on your life, fleas have a distinct personality. They don’t impose a threat to humans but only thrive on pets like dogs and cats. Furthermore, a flea can crawl to a certain height but they can jump higher. Fleas can intervene in your house for numerous reasons. Therefore, it is critical to eliminate them quickly before the condition of your pets worsens.

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Significance of Flea Control London

Fleas don’t harm humans, although they can cause skin allergies if they crawl on them. Fleas are little parasitic insects that can harm your pets. Furthermore, female fleas have bigger bodies than males. And, their legs have spikes that help support them in making a grip of other animals. They’re also quick and keep jumping from one pet to another.

When you own pets, it can become a greater problem. If your dog or cat is scratching themselves more than usual, you know you have a flea infestation. Call Same Day Pest Control London right away to get rid of the flea infestation.

We don’t just provide flea control London but we also give additional pest control services for your lovely homes, such as cockroach control, rodent control, and dead animal removal.

Threats Imposed by Flea Infestation

  • Fleas are harmless to humans, but when you get bitten, you should seek medical attention. Severe allergic responses, such as breathing issues and swelling of the hands, face, and mouth, are possible.
  • Fleas make pets more susceptible to sickness. Tapeworms are also a possibility.
  • A significant flea infestation can develop to Flea Allergic Dermatitis, which can cause a lot of pain and even pus pimples, which can lead to hair loss.
  • Flea infestation causes anemia in cats, according to studies. It is possible that delay in flea control London, can give fatal consequences.
  • Rats are infested by fleas, which can carry diseases like the bubonic plague virus.
  • Murine Typhus is a disease caused by fleas that cause fever, headaches, and nausea.

Flea Bites- Identification Signs

Flea bites on people can cause irritation, discomfort, and sorrow. However, flea on your pet can be torture. It is an indication of flea bite if you observe your furry friends scratching and biting themself excessively.

On a human, flea bites induce itching and redness. However, identifying a flea bite can be challenging because many different insects can create small itchy bite marks.

Flea bites leave little brown or red patches that are less inflamed than bites from other insects. When you find flea bites, you should get expert help right away. Flea treatment and eradication from pets and premises are available from Same Day Pest Control London. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of flea and their types and can provide an effective solution for flea control London.

Easy Tips to Prevent Your Home from Fleas

Preventing fleas from entering your house is a way better solution than eliminating them afterward. Here are some tips for preventing flea infestation at home:

  • Check your pets’ fur for fleas to make sure you don’t develop a flea infestation.
  • The first step is to vacuum the room, including the upholstery, floor, nooks, and cracks,
  • Create an uncomfortable living environment to get rid of fleas. You can raise the temperature to 50 degrees Celsius above the breeding areas. Clean your pet’s fur with a comb and take him to the vet.
  • When you are done vacuuming your house, make sure to keep the garbage bag out. It is preferable to burn the pouch rather than open it.
  • Give a try at homemade remedies like spraying the water-vinegar solution on your pet’s fur.
  • You can also use eco-friendly chemicals for flea control London that is effective and safe.

Why You Should Hire Same Day Pest Control London?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are fleas dangerous for humans?

Fleas are harmless to humans. However, in case you are bitten, you should seek medical help. Flea bites can induce different allergies that can be life-threatening if not addressed on time. These pests can cause anemia problems in cats and flea allergic dermatitis in dogs. To get rid of fleas, avail the best services for flea control London.

2. What attracts fleas inside our house?

Fleas look for a humid and warm place, and our homes have a perfect environment for their survival. Rely on Same Day Pest Control London for getting instant relief from fleas. Call us at (+44) 11 5647 7011!

3. How do I get rid of fleas at home?

Vacuuming your home regularly can help in reducing the number of fleas in your home. If the number of fleas does not significantly decrease, engage a professional for flea control London. We can provide professional flea management to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

4. How expensive is flea control service in London?

At, Same Day Pest Control London we offer complete pest control solutions at affordable rates. Your rates may vary based on the level of infestation. Our experts examine your property before providing an estimate. So, book your services now!

5. Do you provide services on the same day?

Yes. All our services remain available 24×7 and all year long. Feel free in availing our same day and emergency services for flea control London.


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