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Squirrels love London because it has numerous parks and gardens. They may be a pleasant sight leaping from branch to branch, but once inside your home or office, squirrels can wreak havoc.

Squirrels like attics as a nesting location because they are enclosed and filled with insulation, which is ideal for keeping their young ones warm.

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage and may even burn down your building if you don’t get rid of them. Therefore, before the situation worsens, avail services for squirrel control London!

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Signs Of Squirrel Infestation

Droppings – You can find squirrel droppings in abundance in loft spaces. The droppings of squirrels are larger and more rounded. The dropping doesn’t have pointed edges.

Live Squirrels – These pests use loft insulation or other similar materials to build their nests. You might notice a pile of shredded loft insulation or a squirrel in your attic space. You may even detect them going into your fascia boards and creating a hole the size of a tennis ball in your fascia boards.

Noises- Grey squirrels living in a loft space may create quite a ruckus. It’s frequently described as “a bunch of them enjoying a party.” Squirrels constantly scurry about the loft space looking for nesting materials, and when they run out of places to look, they break through to other locations, generating a lot of noise!

Damage — Squirrels are extremely powerful, with sharp teeth and claws. They can eat soft metals, hardwood, and a variety of other things found in lofts and on roofs. Squirrel activity frequently damages fascia boards, tiles, insulation materials, and joists.

Why You Should Get Squirrels Out From The Attic As Soon As Possible

Squirrels do not spread diseases which is one positive factor; however, the bad news is that they may cause a lot of damage.

In truth, their fluffier relatives are responsible for a lot of the damage to wiring, wood, and plaster that rats are blamed for. They’re renowned for eating through electrical cables and setting house fires.

Squirrels’ teeth grow at a rapid rate, and they gnaw to wear them down. Because they can chew right through structural timbers, this gnawing can cause major difficulties in attics.

Squirrels can inflict thousands of pounds of structural damage and put your house at risk of roof collapse if you don’t deal with them soon.

Process of Squirrel Control London


Squirrels frequently penetrate attics and cause the majority of the damage. That isn’t always the case, though. This is why a trained pest professional visits the site to look for indicators of squirrel activity and determine their access point.


The pest controllers set baited squirrel traps in appropriate locations. When the animal has been trapped, the exterminators return to collect it along with the traps. The squirrel is eliminated humanely, adhering to all UK norms and regulations.


When the squirrel or squirrels are caught in the traps, the technicians return for a follow-up visit as part of the guaranteed treatments. You should call Same Day Pest Control London and let us know when this happens so we can arrange for the animals to be picked up.


You will be provided a complete report of the service once the squirrels have been caught and removed from your property. The specialist will also advise you to seal the entry places so that you don’t have to deal with any more squirrels or pests in the future.

Effective Squirrel Treatment London

When you think of squirrels, you probably don’t think of a severe pest problem. These fluffy critters aren’t as threatening as rats or other rodents, but they can still do damage to your home. One squirrel could be the source of your electrical line issues or the source of those teeth marks on your house insulation. Having these pests running around in your back garden, no matter how cute it is, is a bad idea.

Get effective squirrel treatment London to protect your property from unnecessary damages. Call Same Day Pest Control London to get quick and affordable services. Just dial (+44) 11 5647 7011 and talk to our executive!

Tips for Preventing Squirrel Intervention

You’ll need to check the traps every 10 to 12 hours after the professional has set them up. After the rodent has been trapped, contact Same Day Pest Control London to have it removed and the trap re-set if required.

Advice on how to avoid squirrel intrusion:

  • Remove all sources of food.
  • Tree branches near the roof should be pruned to prevent access.
  • All probable access points should be blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I keep squirrels away from my property?

Squirrels will stay away from your property if you plant daffodils or marigolds. Sprinkle cayenne pepper or a mixture of water and vinegar around your plants if you want them to stay away from your vegetables.

2. Why do squirrels invade our house?

Squirrels infiltrate human homes looking for food and refuge. In any case, our squirrel controller can figure out why the obnoxious rodents are invading your home. So, rely on Same Day Pest Control London for fast and humane pest control services.

3. Are your pest controllers experienced?

Yes. We only work with the most experienced and licensed professionals. Our team carefully inspects and removes squirrels from your property. You can rely on our experts for hassle-free squirrel control London.  

4. Is it illegal to kill a squirrel in London?

Resident can dispose of a dead squirrel. However, they cannot kill squirrels as it can lead to a hefty fine. Therefore, it is ideal to rely on professionals for squirrel control, treatment, and removal. Contact us for more information!

5. Do you provide services on weekends?

Yes. Same Day Pest Control London offers flexible services. Our team remains on standby for providing same day and emergency services. Feel free in booking our services on weekends or holidays!

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