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Have you noticed wasps around your property? Don’t panic. Same Day Pest Control London is here to provide the best quality services.

The presence of wasps in and around your premises can be pretty stressful. The sting of these pests can leave you in excruciating pain. Moreover, those who are allergic to wasps can experience threatening consequences. So, when you notice wasps on your premises, immediately contact professionals for wasp control London!

Our team reaches your location within an hour during emergencies, as we understand how frightening the situation can be. We thoroughly inspect and safely remove the wasps and their nest.

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Facts You Should Know About Wasps

  • Unlike honeybees, their stinger is smoother than that of a bee, and they can sting constantly.
  • A female wasp is more dangerous as they sting continuously.
  • They can be found throughout the planet, except for the Polar Regions.
  • The sting is poisonous and can cause swelling. A person who is allergic to a bee sting may die as a result of the sting.
  • When suspended from their teeth, they can sleep and hibernate for months.
  • They are considerably smaller than hornets.
  • They emit a pheromone into the sky as a warning signal to their lovers when they die.

Process of Wasp Control London

Here’s how our professional perform wasp control London:


Our team conducts a thorough inspection of the wasp-infested place before beginning the operation. This aids not only in determining the extent of the wasp infestation but also in determining the source.

Wasp Treatment Plan

After the inspection, our exterminators formulate the best strategy for wasp control London. We at, Same Day Pest Control London can give custom wasps control strategies on the same day as your appointment. Our exterminators can help you get rid of wasps. Before the operation begins, the client is informed about the comprehensive wasp control method.

Wasp Extermination

Different chemical sprays are used by our exterminators to control the presence of wasps in your home or business. Depending on the severity of the infestation, a combination of additional treatment procedures and substances is used. Our team makes sure your family and pet are safe before proceeding with the treatment.

Final Inspection

After the wasp control is completed, the exterminators return to your property to see whether any reoccurrences have occurred. The outcomes we deliver are completely secure and long-lasting.

We advise clients on any specific objects in the house that should be rid of to prevent wasps from returning. Clients can also get advice from our team on how to avoid wasp infestations.

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Wasp Nest Removal London

Insect infestations are common all around the world, but in London, wasps create a lot of trouble for the residents. When a wasp outbreak occurs near your home, it puts the safety of your family and pets in jeopardy. You don’t like the sight of your child crying in pain after getting stung or your dog catching and swallowing an insect while hunting.

If you notice an increase in the number of wasps, a wasp nest is likely nearby or on your property. Examine your residential or commercial building for wasps, hire professionals for wasp control London, and install a protective system as quickly as possible to limit the risk of being stung.

Same Day Pest Control London provides wasps removal services, as well as surveillance systems, in a timely and effective manner. Our highly competent and qualified technicians provide same-day and emergency wasp removal in London, ensuring that your house is fully pest-free. To effectively remove and exterminate wasps from your property, our professionals only employ eco-friendly treatments. Call us now!

Tips for Keeping Wasps Away

When there is a wasp issue or infestation in your home, it is always a wise decision to seek help from experts for wasp control London. You can prevent yourself from being stung by wasps. Read on to learn how to efficiently deal with wasp infestations at home:

  • The garbage can lid should be closed always.
  • Keep the garbage cans away from any exits or windows. Even if you do, be sure they’re well sealed.
  • Use mesh barriers to close any gaps that could allow wasps to enter easily.
  • If you notice any wasp nests near or within your home, keep your pets and family members away from them.

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Affordable Wasp Control London

It is a common misconception that wasp removal services are too expensive. Take advantage of our low-cost services at Same Day Pest Control London. We are both cost-effective and efficient. Call us now and get your bookings confirmed!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What keeps wasps away?

Wasps hate the strong smell. This can benefit homeowners as they can keep ingredients like lemongrass, mint, vinegar, bay leaves, essential oils, and other scented herbs around their homes.

2. Should I try DIY tricks for removing wasps?

Avoid attempting DIY hacks for keeping wasps away, as they can attack you leaving you in excruciating pain. Rely on professionals for wasp control London and get instant relief from these dangerous pests.

3. What preventive measures are followed by experts?

When you avail of professional help for wasp control London, the experts follow preventive measures of wearing protective gears, including gloves, masks, and covered clothes. They remain equipped with the necessary equipment and eradicate wasps safely.

4. How affordable is wasp control services in London?

Wasp control services are available at reasonable prices. The rates vary based on factors like the level of infestation, location of a wasp nest, and risk involved in nest removal. Our professionals provide an estimate after a thorough inspection of the condition.

5. Do you provide emergency services?

Yes. Same Day Pest Control London provides emergency services for all kinds of pests. Call us at (+44) 11 5647 7011 for making a quick booking!

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